Why GoTour Mobile?

A zoo can be an intimidating place.

Where to go? What to see? Will it be of interest?

GoTour Mobile makes your zoo more accessible than ever before by giving visitors a tour designed specifically for them.

Improve Appreciation

Numerous studies have shown that digital content and communication technologies conveyed in a mobile format are vital to interpretation and advancing understanding.

Mobile is also a proven vehicle for reaching new audiences.

Join the Mobile Revolution

Eight in 10 Americans own smartphones, spending more time on apps than watching TV.

Since the advent of the iPhone in 2007, the proliferation of mobile devices has been unparalleled in American history, to be likened only to the radio, which went from one home in 500 to nearly every home within a 15-year period.

How GoTour Mobile Works

Personalize your relationship with visitors. Give your visitors a tour customized just for them.
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    Your visitors will take a brief quiz in which they select images of interest or answer a few questions.

    These might include how long they anticipate being there or the characteristics of animals they are interested in seeing.

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    We’ll help you develop the quiz and determine what tours are auto-selected based on visitor’s responses.

    Each tour will include a map of where stops are located.

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    The GoTour Mobile Magic

    Our proprietary platform will generate a tour of must-sees based on the criteria submitted by a visitor.

    Since each tour is customized, no two will be alike, encouraging repeat visits.

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What to

  • Your mobile tour will feature your name, branding and design.

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  • We’ll work with you to constantly refine user experience and update tour content as needed.

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  • We’ll help you promote the app, providing you with marketing materials including a QR code visitors can scan to download the app.

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  • For an additional fee, we can incorporate any type of multimedia into your mobile tour, including audio, live action video and animations.


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